PMR446/LPD433 Portable Two Way Radio RA636 is coming

PMR446/LPD433 Portable Two Way Radio RA636 is coming. Retevis RA636 is the license-free radio. With the band PMR446 and LPD433 band, totally 85 channels. Also Retevis RA636 comes with 3pack: Red, yellow and green color. See the below picture to check the color.

Retevis RA636 Will be the best communcation tools for family and adult.

What’s the features of PMR446/LPD433 radio RA636?

1, License-free Use

Retevis RA636 not only includes the 16 PMR446 band channel, but also includes 69 the LPD433 channels. Total 85 channels. These channels are all the license-free. These channels had preset already into the radio, you can use these channels directly, No need to program or setting.

For family, this will be a good choice. You don’t need to pay for the license fee, no need to exam to get the license, you can use these radios with your kids.  No matter skiing on the mountain or camping in the woods, or even talk with kids at home. Also It’s perfect for adults outdoor adventures, such as boating, camping, hiking, fishing, skiing and so on.

2, About LPD433 band

LPD433 is the low power device 433mhz. It is a UHF band with license-free to operate. Retevis RA636 has 69 LPD433 channels.

3, VOX

VOX is the hands–free function. Allow you to transmit without press the PTT. You can keep on moving without stopping to answer.

4, Bright flashlight

Retevis RA636 offer the LED flashlight function, help you to light your way during evening activities

5, Can be widely used for kids and Adult

It comes with 3 pack in differnt color, very suitable for family and outdoor team like skiing, hiking, boating and so on.

Welcome to ask questions about this PMR446/LPD433 Portable Two Way Radio RA636.  Our email address is

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