40W GMRS Mobile Radio RA87 for you

Retevis has some GMRS mobile radios, and all of them are 20W, and this new GMRS mobile radio RA87 can reach 40W super high power and support a super long communication range. And RA86 still has 22 FRS communication channels and 8 repeater channels. It has a screen and function buttons on the panel, and users can also operate on the handy mic.

You need to know how good it is

40W super high power mobile radio can cover a larger area. According to our real test, the communication range can reach 20km in an open area. And you can use C9058A mobile radio antenna on your vehicles.

The numeric handy mic can help you operate the radio in a convenient way. It won’t distract you while you’re driving.

There is a data port to connect to your computer or connect to another RA87 GMRS mobile radio as a repeater.

ANI Identification code. It can recognize contacts as well.

260 tones can filter unnecessary calls, and you use the tones to divide into different groups.

The reverse frequency function can reverse the TX and RX on the radio.

Where to use it?

You can use it for your family. You can order 2 mobile radios for your families, one installed in your home and another radio install in your car. So, you can talk to your families in general.

For transportation group. Radio communication is required between the front and rear vehicles to ensure the safe arrival and communication of the team.

For farmland. Mechanized agriculture added more farm machinery, and the mobile radio made the work of farm engine drivers more coordinated.

Are you interested in the new high-power mobile radio? What do you want to know? You can leave your question in the comment area.


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