How to use 2 RA87 40W mobile radio make a repeater?

The range limitation on GMRS handheld radios is 5W, which can reach about 1.5 miles in an open area. If you need a long-range call you should talk through a repeater. But a repeater is expensive even if you order an RT97 or RT97S portable repeater from But now, you can use this new mobile radio RA87 if you need a long-range call directly or through a repeater to extend the call range on your handheld radios.

About RA87 GMRS mobile radio

The high power of this new radio is 40W. And according to our real test in an open area, the direct call range is 20km. So, its direct calling distance can meet the needs of regular calls.

The numeric microphone can program the radio, you can press the function buttons and the numeric buttons can operate the radio. It is convenient for drivers if they have to set up their radio in the car.

ANI function can send a signal to recognise your receivers to private your call.

A programming cable in the set, so that you can program on the software for quick programming.

And it can use a data cable connected to 2 RA87 mobile radios to copy the data and make a repeater.

How do make 2 RA87 radios work as a repeater?

  1. You should have a data cable to connect your 2 radios.
  2. Connect to 2 RA87 mobile radios through the data port on the back panel.
  3. You can work on any repeater channel, and please confirm your RA87 mobile radios are on the same channel.
  4. Set up your handheld radios. If radio A is a transmitter, and radio B is a receiver. So, the TX and RX of radio A should equal the RX of your RA87. Similarly, the TX and RX of radio B should equal the TX of your repeater RA87.
  5. Then, a simple high-power repeater can work well with you.

If you are interested in the 40W high-power mobile radio RA87, you can order it on our website. You will have 2 mobile radios and a repeater when you order 2 RA87 radios at the same time. And we can send the data cable to you if you leave Cara in the comment. And questions can email



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