Wireless Bluetooth walkie talkie RB39P and RB639P

RB39 is a super-thin license-free radio, and it is popularly used in small businesses like restaurants, shops, and events. But they think if it can work with a Bluetooth earpiece can work well. So, our R&D technicians provide this RB39P license-free radio with a Bluetooth module.

Are you worried about your Bluetooth connection?

Are you worried about earpiece pairing?

Want to know how far the headset is connected to the radio?

Here is the answer to help familiarise yourself with the new Bluetooth radio RB39P.

RB39P works on the FRS frequency band, so it is license-free in the US, CA, and other countries in America and areas. The high power is 2w, and it can reach about 1 mile in open areas.

RB639P works on the PMR446 frequency band, also a license-free. But it is generally used in Europe countries. The high power in lar is 0.5W, so the communication range is shortened than FRS radios.

The battery capacity of RB39P and RB639P radios is 1300mAh, so they can work for a long time.

The earpiece is also a new Bluetooth earpiece EWN001, it can also work on Bluetooth radio RB37, RB89, RB689, and the upcoming HD2. It’s easier to understand, and using the new Bluetooth module can shorten the time it takes to pair with a radio.

According to our tests, the connection remained stable from one end of the corridor to the other, and the connection distance was more than 10 meters.


We often see staff in restaurants, hotels, venues and shopping malls using walkie-talkies and earphones to communicate. Wired headphones usually require the microphone and PTT button to be clipped to your chest or collar. Using Bluetooth headsets can reduce the limit of headphone cables, and touching PTT can be more convenient to launch, which greatly improves the communication and work efficiency of employees, as well as customer satisfaction with service. Why not try this Bluetooth Business Communication Solution in your business?

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