5 important things you should know about RT97 repeater

RT97 repeater is our best seller repeater, and RT97S is a customized repeater with mygmrs. It is a GMRS repeater, so it can expand the communication distance of your GMRS radio. But also, some customers have some questions about the repeater, so I list the top 5 questions to describe the RT97 repeater.

Question 1: Power and distance.

The high transmit power is 10W, and the low power is 4W. But some customers said the power of the repeater is lower than 10W because of the diplexer attenuation. The transmit and receive frequencies are different, so the attenuation is different. According to the calculation, if the diplexer works in 10M, the attenuation is 3W, and if the diplexer works in 5M, the attenuation is 5W.

And our technicians have done a real distance test on a crowded urban road. They used 2 high-power radios to test the distance, and the RT97 repeater was set up in the middle, the diameter between 2 radios is 16 kilometers. It is about 10 miles. If you are using it in the backcountry or with fewer people, the communication range is longer.

Question 2: RT97S repeater and solar power

While the RT97 is portable, you’d prefer to attach it to a roof or tree, and you’ll need a solar generator. Many of our customers put the RT97 in a waterproof case and use it with a power supply and solar power supply, and it works very well. And you may want to output or monitor the repeater on your computer or even your cell phone. RT97S has a specific data connector, you can connect to a mic/speaker or your network. One of our dealers uses RT97S to connect with his GMRS network called ‘MyGMRS’. The customers can connect to their repeater on their phones.

Question 3: Voltage and car charger.

The operating voltage is DC12V to 24V. 24V is the max voltage of the power, please take care of your power supplier.  And if you want to install the RT97S repeater in your car, you can use a car charger to charge the repeater. The output voltage is DC12V, and the current value is 5A, so, you can charge it in your car.

Question 4: Recieve and transmit.

To work better, it is suitable to install your RT97 repeater antenna on your roof, treetop, or pole where is no interrupt. Then, you can receive more calls and transmit for long range. And in another blog, we talked about how dose repeater work, you can find more about the receive and transmit.

But please note, your repeater should be in the communication range of your radio. If you want to have a clear call to others, please leave the communication range on your radio.

Question 5: Coupon code.

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