How to use your radio safety in Summer?

Hot summer, we need to protect the safety of electronic products. Did you get a heat alert from your phone? When the temperature of the iPhone body exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, the phone starts to alarm. So what is the operating temperature of a radio? Why is it better suited to factory environments than mobile phones?


Real cases

One customer said his radio had burned in his car, the whole thing was unrecognizable, and one of the seats had burned.

Another customer said his battery was leaking and giving off an odor.

Another customer mentioned that he had installed a radio antenna on his roof and it was struck by lightning and all the machines burned out.

These are common summer questions. In particular, we should pay more attention to the working condition of the radio, as weather conditions are getting worse and worse in summer, resulting in high temperatures and thunderstorms.

Radio safety in summer

The radio operates in a temperature range of -30°C to +60°C. This is the temperature of the working environment, not its own temperature.

  1. Stay out of direct sunlight for long periods. Radios are usually black, so the fuselage warms up faster.
  2. Keep away from heating equipment. The high-temperature heating device will quickly raise the temperature of the radio, and the radio will also generate heat that easily exceeds the safe operating temperature of the battery.
  3. During the charging period, try to ensure that the surrounding person is watching, and remove the charger when it is fully charged. A long charge can shorten the life of a battery.
  4. If you do not use the radio for a long time, keep the battery in a cool, dry place.
  5. If the battery lasts less time after being fully charged, the battery is seriously damaged. Replace the battery in time. To avoid battery leakage or expansion problems.
  6. In summer, thunderstorms are common. Please avoid using the radio outdoors. Install a lightning rod if necessary.

Radios can withstand higher temperatures than cell phones. And the radio casing is much stronger. For most commercial radios, there is often no screen. So radio is still a very important means of communication in commerce, and you have to know more about radio safety notifications.

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