5 sets of license-free waterproof walkie talkies for group

A set of 5 sets of license-free waterproof walkie talkies is here.

This is a set of waterproof walkie-talkies sets suitable for construction teams, bicycle teams, and kayaking teams.

5 sets of waterproof walkie talkies
5 sets of waterproof walkie talkies-RT48

      RT48 is a license-free walkie talkie

The exemption walkie-talkie can reduce the policy restrictions on it, and you can use the walkie-talkie according to your wishes, which is a great advantage.

       Super waterproof walkie-talkies

Waterproof walkie-talkies are very useful for outdoor sports and camping. For example, in kayaking, players can make strategy, encourage each other, and change tactics through walkie-talkies, which not only saves communication energy, but also obtains immediate results.

large battery capacity
large battery capacity

     The battery is durable

For outdoor camping and construction site use, the durability of walkie-talkies is particularly important. RT48 has a large battery capacity. A customer once left a review and said that the family went on a four-day short trip and only changed the battery once. Therefore, RT48 is a professional business walkie-talkie.

     5 sets walkie-talkies

For team use, this set of 5-piece walkie-talkies couldn’t be more suitable. It not only ensures the cooperation and communication between the walkie-talkies, but also saves the purchase cost. Suitable for various scenes such as long distances and outdoor activities.
Moreover, the series of waterproof walkie talkies activities have entered the countdown, and the purchase must be timely.
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