Retevis RT29 radio for outdoor training

Retevis RT29 Radio——best choice for outdoor training!

 Retevis RT29 is a good radio for outdoor use!!!

Think about it: You are trapped on an island, there is no clean water, no food, no health insurance…., what are you going to do? To be or not to be? This is a big question!

For many people, they like going outside to have an intimate connection with nature. Also because of their strong will and body, they will choose to have those training to help them get stronger and teach them how to survival even there is nothing! Nature and their team members will teach them many things! Such as how to get energy from nature, how to deal with the risks in the outdoor, also teach them how to act as a team!

Also, they need fully equipped, because it matters life, so they need to prepare many things. Such as knife, containers for filtering the water, first aid kit, raincoat, rope, flashlight, compass, and map. Also, a radio can help you connect with your team, also call your friends to save you when the danger is coming!

Retevis RT29 radio for outdoor training
Retevis RT29 radio for outdoor training

Retevis RT29 is suitable for those who want to have outdoor training! Why?

1: Big battery capacity: Retevis RT29 has a 3200 mah lithium battery, endurance is incomparable! You will not worry about the battery out of power!

2:Long range: 10w Output power, the transmitting power will be inspiring you!

3: IP67 waterproof: the outside world is not as good as home, rains and other bad weathers are inevitable! Waterproof function on Retevis RT29 can make the radio standby for 24 hours, in order to keep you safe and sound!

Other radio like Retevis RT55, RT81 and you can learn more on our official website! Also, it is having a promotion now!!!

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