Leisure time partner—— the best children’s walkie talkies

The epidemic situation in many countries is still very serious, and many areas are still closed. The best children’s walkie talkies RT34,which is the leisure time partner,  sincerely hopes that the people of the world will be well.

Previously, we also received a sponsorship application from Mecca, Indiana, USA. The local power was unstable due to tornadoes and storms, and walkie-talkies were needed in case of emergency. We sponsored 6 H-777 walkie talkies to pray for the well-being of local residents.

Leisure time partner
Leisure time partner—RT34

Three days ago, a mother in Houston received a video-enabled children’s walkie-talkie RT34 for free for a Facebook page like activity. She told me that the local epidemic is very serious and the children cannot go out and are very boring. She hopes that through this walkie-talkie, she can communicate with her friends and find fun again. Seeing the happy smile on the child’s face makes the mother very happy.

I hope that this video-capable walkie-talkie can bring comfort to children during the epidemic.RT34 is a real leisure time partner.

Due to the epidemic, many games, such as children’s favorite board games, escape rooms, and role-playing games cannot be played. This regret can be made up for through a video intercom. Sitting at home, children can still communicate face to face with classmates and friends, and they are full of freshness.

In addition, wearing walkie-talkies and role-playing make you look very fashionable and cool.
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