Retevis RT76P GMRS Radio

Retevis launched a new model——RT76P GMRS Radio!

Retevis RT76P is a new model, and we add a 1.4-inc lattice screen display and keyboard. It will be more convenient for you to use! 

Retevis RT76P is a 5W analog dual-band with a screen and a keyboard, the frequency range V section: 136~174Mhz, U section: 400~480Mhz, RT76p is a full keyboard amateur walkie-talkie.
1400mAh lithium-ion battery, the communication distance is better, up to 3 KM.  RT76P also supports voice compandor, NOAA, individual call, group call, reverse frequency, and encryption.

So, whether you want use it indoor, outdoor, family or business, it can satisfy you all!

Retevis RT76P GMRS Radio
RT76P GMRS Radio
RT76P GMRS Radio
Retevis RT76P GMRS Radio

Our summer sales promotion has eight days, only once a year, hurry up! You can always choose one model you like!

If you have any questions about our product, please email us: or leave messages below.


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15 thoughts on “Retevis launched a new model——RT76P GMRS Radio!”

  1. Alan Beckwith

    Can you program these radios with a PC? How do you get the program and cable ? They are 30 channels?

  2. How do you program the weather station frequencies? Radio does not pick up NOAA on any the preset weather channels.

      1. James,

        The promotional paperwork and the unit programming show Weather channels are available on the unit. A new RT76P has the Short Press function button set to enable Weather channels. There are 10 on the radio, but none of them receive any transmissions.

        1. hi, you need to check your local Weather channel, then find the Nearest to you.
          And also the NOAA can be used for canada and USA.

  3. I have the same problem. I know the NOAA channel nearest me but I can’t change the Weather Channel frequency. Please adise

    1. You can choose the NOAA channel, when you find the WEATHER CH-01 in screen, you can press up or down button to choose the channel.

  4. I have three RT76P and none of them pickup NOAA weather radio when you push side button 2. The screen says WEATHER CH-01
    Please advise how do I make this work.

    1. You can choose the NOAA channel, when you find the WEATHER CH-01 in screen, you can press up or down button to choose the channel.

  5. Darius Larkin

    Similar to others, the RT76P I purchased is not receiving when I place it on any of the Weather channels.
    I press side button 2. The screen says WEATHER CH-01. I can then select any of the 10 weather channels. None of them work.

    My Boafeng and Btech and Motorola radios are able to listen to the Weather channels, but the Retevis RT76P has something wrong with it.

    1. Hi,
      Would you please make a video for us? Our email
      We will check it and later offer you a solution.
      And also could you please offer your order ID and which platform you ordered?

  6. I have not been able to program this radio (change factory settings) via the keypad. I have downloaded the programming software, and I have a suitable programming cable. When I try to READ the radio, it requires a password to proceed. What is the password?

    1. Hi, usually there is no password for this model RT76P. Maybe you can try this:
      Do not click on “read from the radio”. Click on “write to radio.” A prompt comes up and asking for the old password and new password which needs to be ignored. There is no need to enter anything. Click “Start.” The program will transfer the frequency page to the radio. Here’s the important part- turn off the radio and turn it back on.

      Try again to check if the problem is solved or not.

      Any question, please contact us again!


  7. John Robinson

    In addition to no NOAA, it is also stated that it has FM Radio. I have FM radio enabled and set for mode button 2. It appears to go into FM mode but the channels it displays are out of the FM frequency range. Nice radio but doesn’t live up to it’s advertising.

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