6 Outdoor Essentials for Adventurous Women

Outdoor Essentials for Adventurous Women, are you ready?

Adventure Now! No matter for Women or Men! Also as a Women, the reliable and durable outdoor equipment is very important, no matter you’re a seasoned adventurer or an outdoor newbie. Here I have collected the Most favorite and necessary equipment for women.

1, Sleeping Bag

Sleepling Bag is very important, Especially for winter outdoor adventure. If you’re camping outside and want to stay warm, it is very necessary. There are some tips for chooing the right sleeping bag.

a, Warm but not overheat

b, Big then have enough room to wriggle around.

2, Waterproof Lace Up Ankle Boot

Lace up your boots and get out there! Before this, please choose a comfortable Boot. Women loves beauty always,  but when choosing the Outdoor Adventure Boot, please do not just consider the boot looks, please choose the waterproof, comfortable that can go a long way boot. Also with a deep padded collar, rubber cleated sole for sure-footed grip will be best.

3, Communication Gear-Cellphone or Walkie Talkies.

Go outdoor, Go Adventure! But keep yourself safe. Bring the right communication Gear is very important. If you choose the remote place to start your camping with family or friend, please don’t forget to bring the walkie talkies.

For some remote place, the cell-phone signal is very weak, it will be hard to keep in touch with your friends or family, so here I suggest you choose the walkie talkies. There are some tips for choosing the right walkie talkies:

a, Waterproof: When met the water or rainy day, no need worry about the water.

b, Floating: If your route will meet the rivers, you’d better choose the floating walkie talkies, when fall into the water, it will float on the river.

c, Big-capacity battery: before going out, full charger of your all walkie talkies.

d, Built-in Flashlight: It will save your money to order the flashlight.

e, License-free: If you don’t have license, please choose the license-free walkie talkies.

4, Outdoor kettle

Keep the enough water or during your camping or top it off with a steaming cup of coffee.

5, Waterproof Jacket or dry clothes.

If meet the rainy day, the waterproof jacket is very important. Make your body warm, you can go on better camping or adventuring.

6, Comfortable Tent.

Choose a sturdy and tightened tent, immerses you in nature for a truly unique camping experience.


Above are the 6 Outdoor Essentials for Adventurous Women I collected for you. If any question, please leave messages below.

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