Retevis Two way Radios for Family

Retevis Two-way Radios have been long widely used in business, and now many families start buying radios. Retevis Two way radios for family will help your family to keep in touch during outdoor. So how to choose the right two-way radios for your family? Here I will talk about this.

For Family Where to use the two way radio?

1, Family outdoor Tour

No matter your family go outdoor for camping, hiking, climbing, and etc. It is necessary that each member should have a walkie talkie. It will help your family all members keep in touch in remote locations. Some familes have the small children who like to run around outdoor, the two way radios will be very important.

2. Parent-child Interaction

When your children are 3-6 years old, they are at a learning stage, this time, the parents are the best teacher. It’s important to increase interaction, and the walkie talkies can be the communication equipment between parents and children. Even you both are in a different room, you both can talk with each other.

3, Families in rural areas

For some remote rural areas, You need to prepare a walkie talkie.  For US familes, choose a walkie talkie with the NOAA function will be best. The NOAA weather two way radio can forecast and listen to the weather channel, timely access to the weather forecast.

For Family How to choose the right walkie talkies?

1, Frequency Range: FRS/PMR446, both of them are the license-free standard for US/CA and Europe countries. For most families, no need to pay for money to get the radio licensed.

2, NOAA: For US families, here we suggest you choose the two way radios that have the NOAA functions.

3, Easy to operate two way radios: For parents and children, it’s important for radios to be simple and easy to operate. It doesn’t take too much time to know how to use it. Retevis has lots easy to operate two way radios, and also have the kids walkie talkies.

4, Important functions: Flashlight, USB charging, waterproof, floating and so on.


Retevis Two way Radios for Family Recommend


1, License-free

2, Waterproof

3, Floating

4, USB charging

5, Built-in Flashlight


RT451, License-free

2, USB charging



1, Live Video Offer

2, Flashlight


1, Multi-Color

2, Easy to Use

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