A special finding: business radio vs. amateur radio

Today, I look forward to looking for inspiration for writing a blog from the backstage of the website. From the statistics of the popular search terms on the website, I can see that the search times of RT22, H777, RT3S, RT21, RT29, and so on are the highest. A special finding: business radio vs. amateur radio.

In addition to RT3S, which is an amateur phone, the others are all business phones, which shows that walkie-talkies play an important role in business activities.

At the same time, the demand for commercial activities for walkie-talkies is greater than the demand for personal use. This is a normal phenomenon.

However, among the most viewed products: business radios are not the most viewed, but amateur radios are the most viewed.
So how different are business and amateur radios?

Same functions: VOX,squelch, CTCSS/DCS, monitor, voice prompt, TOT, BCL, Battery save, low battery alarm, side-key, program.


Business radios: are widely used in restaurants, warehouses, factories, buildings, hotels, and other scenes requiring relatively distant and frequent communication.
And in order to better provide employees with the efficiency of using a walkie-talkie, commercial walkie-talkie often only has a few keys, more functions need to be operated through the write frequency. Managers can set up a group or full communication within the permitted scope, and monitor the call in real-time.
In addition, we can recommend the most suitable sales mix according to the needs of users. For example, in the escape room game, the monitor needs to issue instructions to the actors through monitoring. Loudspeaker and walkie-talkie combination can be purchased, and the Loudspeaker can be conveniently fixed on the desktop or wall. Like RB36  loudspeaker.

The main use of amateur walkie-talkie objects for walkie-talkie enthusiasts.
Amateur walkie-talkie functions are more comprehensive, most employees need to obtain a certificate.
Amateur walkie-talkies are also widely used, such as outdoor enthusiasts, ham, and commercial activities with high demand for walkie-talkies, such as rescue teams, patrols, etc.
Amateur phones often have a choice of digital and analog modes and can receive both digital and analog signals, allowing users to talk to more people.
Amateur walkie-talkie has been upgraded to support GPS, dual-band, and you can also check the frequency, channel, and DMR mode on screen.

Whether it’s a commercial walkie-talkie or an amateur walkie-talkie, what fits is the best.
If you do not know how to choose, you can tell us your requirements through email. We are very happy to provide you with the most suitable products, but also help us to develop more functions. A special finding: business radio vs. amateur radio

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