New Retevis POC Network 4G radio RB20

Retevis POC Network 4G radio RB20 is coming. If you are looking for the POC radio, why not consider this model? Retevis RB20 is the 4G POC radio.Unlike the traditional two way radios, this RB20 POC radio without the distance limited. Suitable for 2G, 3G and 4G.

Let’s check what it looks like:

Retevis RB20 POC network radio comes with the simple design.

The big display: 1.77Inch SPI color screen, resolution: 128*160. Help you to check the radio information and contact members and so on.

With the antenna, that can support 2G, 3G and 4G mobile signal. Earpieces port support to plug the headset, makes your hands free.

When you order the RB20 POC network radio, you can use the functions:

1, Private call or group call: You can divide your members lists into different group. Then make group call.

2, You can program your Radio. Retevis offer the free software.

3, You can manage the management platform, to add device, add groups, edit device and functions.

4, You will get the POC dispatch system,  this system will help you to track your device GPS.

Please note, when you get this poc radio, you also need to order the subscription for each of your device. Then you can use the management platform and POC dispatch system.

What’s the advantage of Retevis POC Network 4G radio RB20?

1, Wider Coverage Area

RB20 uses the Cellular mobile network, not like the traditional two way radios.You can transmit with your device across a wide area using 2G, 3G and 4G network.

2, GPS Tracking

With the POC dispatch system, you can track devices in real-time on-screen.

3, Instant Communication

Push To Talk Over Celluar works much like your traditional two-way radio allowing instant communication across your devices.


RB20 radio has two versions

There are two versions RB20 because of different carriers.

For North American, Please choose US version. For Europe Countries, please choose EU version.


If you have any questions about our Retevis RB20, please leave message below or contact us by email:


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    1. You can push the lock on the bottom, remove the back cover, and insert or replace the phone card after removing the battery.

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