How to chose radio for outdoor bicycle race

How to chose radio for outdoor bicycle race is the topic we will talk about today

The best radio and earpiece is very helpful for team cooperation and communication

1.Car to bicycle communication

The cyclist would have a radio and an earpiece allowing him to hear communication from the following vehicle and occasionally transmit it back to the following vehicle.

This vehicle would typically be close behind the rider.

At this time, if you use a radio with a wired headset, it’s very inconvenient for riders. so we have to choose a radio in Built-in Bluetooth features, which can match

Bluetooth headset to work together, like Retevis RB37, which is a great option(Bluetooth headset included)


radio for outdoor bicycle race

2.Car to Car communication

It needs a higher power option for this as it would be nice to have a range of approximately 5-10 miles.

Normally, the handheld radio is very hard to reach the range. If choosing the solution that the handheld radio work with a repeater, the coverage is limited. Moreover, the cost is very expensive.

In this situation, I advise that you chose a mobile radio, like Retevis RT9000D, the max power output is 50W

which can cover 5-10 miles is no problem. The mobile radio can make sure car to car communication, at the same time, it can work with the handheld radio, so the driver also can talk with riders each other


radio for outdoor bicycle race

Besides this solution of RB37 and RT9000D, we have other handheld radios and mobile radios to meet your requirement. If you’re interested in this solution or would like to learn more about other handheld radios and mobile radios, welcome to contact us by email,partner@retevis.coma

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