How to ship the pure battery?

Recently more and more customers would like to purchase pure battery,Retevis most of battery are off the shelf as overseas import restriction,In order to solve our problem for pure battery delivery,I introduce several of ways to ship the pure battery


European sixteen countries

If you are from France,Ireland,Norway,Denmark, United Kingdom,Netherlands,Belgjum,Poland,Chech,Slovakia,Switzerland,Austria,Hungary,Portugal,Spain,Luxembourg,the pure battery can be shipped via Swedenpost,around 15-20 working days


America from local warehouse

If you are from US,under enough stock the pure battery can be shipped the local western or eastern warehouse, around 3-4 working days

Other countries shipping ways

If you are from other countries, our DHL agent give a solution that, one radio can max put two extra battery inside the radio box, this is not pure battery delivery and customs allow to ship,We are not intend to sell you extra radio, just this is the only way logistic tell us we can ship pure battery.If you like, you can order the cheapest radio,then we can put battery inside radio box

I believe that you should know how to ship the pure  battery by introduction, if you other anything question, please feel free to contact us , we are always here. Thanks!

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