A Winning cooperation-Retevis into school

Today is the opening ceremony of Zhengzhou middle and primary school sport. Except for the normal opening ceremony. There are also many school clubs show. Retevis & Ailunce and Zhengzhou Amateur radio club were invited to attend.

We arrived the school early this morning. The first thing is erecting the antenna with all hams and students. The antenna is inverted V antenna. It for use the short-wave radio. The analog UHF/VHF band, we use the repeater and antenna we erected before.

After we erected the antenna, we put all the equipment well and test the antenna parameters then do just little adjustment to make the antenna has best performance.

Figure 3: Testing the Antenna 

Figure 4:  DIY Battery and Morse Code Key

We try to make HF communication, UHF analog repeater communication. all the people are very interest in DMR radios and hotspot. I take the Ailunce HD1, Retevis RT3S, and the MMDVM Duplex Hotspot here. So they have a try to make a communication with my callsign. They told me that’s a amazing thing that they can communicate with the friends from other countries on the air.

Figure 5: MMDVM Duplex Hotspot

Figure 6: Listing on TG91 via Ailunce HD1

Several elementary school students come here to ask us how the radios works. The senior students paltiently explained to them.

Figure 7: Asking how radio works

What a meaningful thing!!

Learn from other hams and show its fun to more people. Ailunce and Retevis will join more those activites. Hope more and more people can love the amateur radio. Hope Ailunce and Retevis better and better.


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