Full Duplex Mini Repeater RT97 Product description

Get to know RT97 Full Duplex Mini Repeater

 Retevis RT97 is a 10w Full Duplex Mini Two Way Radio Repeater(UHF or VHF)

Duplex mode on two frequencies allow it receives simultaneously while sending.

Its fashionable appearance displays a good sense of style, easy to operate and carry, which is the best choice for many business workers


The repeater is used to increase transmission range of two way radio. When the transmission distance between two radios exceeds the range of the signal radiation, the repeater can forward the received signal from one to another,which can provide reliable,clearly, efficient communication service and expand the transmission range and communication capabilities between two radios, greatly improving your work efficiency


Retevis RT97 supports CTCSS/DCS Encode and Decode but can’t support any other kind of repeater identification like CW (morse code)


LCD screen supports selected functions display including channel information, TX and RX frequency display, and it will be a good performance at night.

What type antenna does Retevis RT97 require?


Retevis RT97 uses single antenna (which not included), the antenna needs to meet three terms.

  1. The frequency should match the frequency of RT97’s( which you can customize)
  2. The power is higher than the power of the repeater(>10w)
  3. The interface should be suitable, it needs be the UHF-M male interface


The antenna can graced the repeater. It helps the repeater increase the rang and voice sharpness.

Customized Frequency pairs and TX/RX offset


Frequency pairs of Retevis RT97 is customized, but the frequency of RT97 can be changed by programming software. The software shows 16 channels.


In addition,Retevis RT97 can be tuned for 5-10MHz spread between TX/RX offset frequencies but it needs to be customized. The defaut is 10MHz. The offset can’t be changed again once you customize it. The same as the channels.


As long as you master the above skills, I believe you can know more about Retevis RT97. With Retevis radios is constantly updated, many functions are constantly improving. It will become more and more popular among customers in the near future.


If any question about this Mobile repeater RT97, please feel free to contact us here or on facebook: www.facebook.com/retevis

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