RT97 Portable Repeater Basic Introduction

Retevis RT97 is a portable analog repeater. It is a basic repeater, easy to carry and easy to set. If you are new on radios or you want to go outside with radio, or you want to use for your business, it is a very good choice.

This article we can learn some basic information together.

The RT97 is 10w output power. The transmit and receive frequencies can be customized between UHF (400-470MHZ) or VHF(136-174MHZ). Offset: 5mhz or 10mhz. So before you buy please remark the custom frequency.

Short press channel- to decrease channel. Long press channel- to lock/unlock the keypad.

Short press channel+ to increase channel. Long press channel+ to indicate the current channel CTCSS/DCS frequency.

Turn on the repeater, Here I want to say is the RT97 no power on button. Connecting the adapter to the power supply, the screen will display purple. That means the repeater is power on. Similarly, when you disconnect the adapter to the power supply, the repeater will turn off.

On the screen you can see different icons. It will help you to know the current channel information when you are not clear what you have set before.

The package is not include the antenna, so you need buy a antenna for it. If you already have one. That will be better. RT92 has car charger cable, power adapter and charger. It support to multiple charging ways. So you can use it on the car or other places.

Hope you have a preliminary understanding about the RT97 repeater. Any problems feel free to leave messages to us or contact us on facebook: www.facebook.com/retevis


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