How to adjust the CTCSS/DCS codes on RB17P?

RB17P is a GMRS radio, but you can adjust the functions on the radio. However, one of our customers said, there is an issue with CTCSS/DCS, when he choose None on the software, he cannot choose a CTCSS/DCS code on the radio, and he cannot turn off the CTCSS/DCS codes on RB17P if there is a code on the software.

Just like:

RB17P issues

How to deal with the issue on your radio without updating software and repair tools?

For example, if you choose none on the software. And you can find the CTCSS/DCS is ‘OFF’ on the radio, then, you can press a small side key on the left side. And the ‘OFF’ will turn to a code, and you can press the up and down buttons to adjust the CTCSS/DCS codes on RB17P.

However, if you are in CH2, and you’d like to turn off the CTCSS/DCS code on your radio. What should you do? At this time, you can press the side key to change the CTCSS codes, DCS codes, and turn off the function.

Can you make my sense? It is a little confused on words, so I take a short video to show how it works on RB17P. Hope it can help you do better.

There is an operation video on it. And you can learn how to adjust the CTCSS/DCS code by yourself.

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And we have some review videos on YouTube, please watch them for more criticals and information. And we have some blogs about RB17P on its scenarios and features. And the MURS mode RB17V if you are always using it in an open area.




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