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What do you need to prepare for Homesteading, Off-griding, and Prepper?

If you are preparing for Homesteading, Off-griding, and Prepper, what do you need? The five essential elements of survival are Clothes, Food, House, Vehicle, Tools. And tools include many parts like handcraft tools and tools of life. Thus, we will discuss a small but important tool, two-way radio.

How to choose suitable radios for Homesteading, off-griding, and prepper?


The first choice should be GMRS radio for American homesteaders because compare with the FRS radios, the GMRS radio has higher power and longer distance, so you can talk to more people, and use it for larger areas. And you can also contact a GMRS repeater to expand the coverage areas if you have a livestock house, warehouse, or field. And conveniently, you can install a GMRS mobile radio on your vehicle to stay connected on the way. The GMRS communication solution is a good choice for you.

Retevis GMRS radio solution

GMRS handheld radios

GMRS repeater

GMRS mobile radio





Also, if you want to change other GMRS devices, you can contact us for more choices.


It is a good way to leave the network, and it is an attitude for nature life, so you may need an original radio to talk with your families, and it is a good way for security if you are in danger. So, the license-free radio is suitable for you. Because it is easy to carry out and operate. Like RB28 and RB28B radios.

RB28B and RB28

They are simple license-free radios with screen or no screen. And they are thin and lightweight to carry in your pocket or hang on your belt. And almost all the functions can be adjusted on the radio, even they have only 3 functional buttons.

We list the shortcut keys operation method on NO LICENSE FAMILY-FRIENDLY RADIO RB28 AND RB28B

And due to the power limitation, the communication distance is not good as GMRS radio or licensed radios, however, if your regular calls are within 1.5 miles, it will be the best option. And it is safer and saves battery.


A prepper is a survivalist, which means someone who is preparing for the dangerous world. And they are always focused on the disaster, refuges, rescue, and all of the things about survival and security. And we have collaborated with many preppers for some radios like RT5 and RT45P. And one of our collaborators said:

  • Can access first responder, aviation, and marine frequencies, and receive NOAA Weather and the Emergency Alert System
  • Can transmit on all of the FRS, MURS, GMRS frequencies
  • Can communicate across at least 3-5 miles using two-way communication
  • Is portable and has an antenna for extended range

It shows a licensed radio is important for the prepper, and it should be taken in your gear kit.



RT3S Ham radio with built-in GPS

RT82 Ham radio with IP67 waterproof radio and dustproof radio



So, if you don’t know how to choose a perfect radio, please feel free to contact us. We can also provide a competitive price to you.

If you are a supplier or seller of outdoor, security, prepper, two-way radio gears, we can provide

  • Specific sales manager
  • A competitive bulk price
  • Customize service
  • Certifications
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And if you are an influential expert and would like to review our radios, please send your basic information and your channel’s link to And we will reply to you within 2 business days.

Otherwise, if you have any further questions or concerns about two-way radios or Retevis, please leave your ideas in the comments below. Thanks for your support and participation.

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