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Advanced function: Customize your RT3S Power-on screen

For walkie-talkies, in addition to the appearance of personalization, there are only functional settings. In order to highlight the uniqueness and personality of our RT3S, the function of customizing the power-on screen has been added. It is an advanced function for RT3S and can make your walkie-talkie more personalized. How to customizing? Please follow the steps below:

    • Preparing for your RT3S radio, programming cable, and computer. You have to design and set the picture.
    • First, start designing your page with drawing software. And ‘Please open the BMP File that it is 128*160 or 64*128, 8bit, 256 colors’ (the prompting will show when your picture is not required). Note: Don’t embarrass your walkie-talkie.
    • Second, download the Firmware Upgrade Software on the product page or click here: directly. In this step, you should keep the lasted firmware upgrade software.
    • Then, find the download picture power on the part, setting your picture. Tips: Directly connect to the walkie-talkie when modifying, no need to enter the upgrade mode.
    • Next, connect with your programming software, and the intro screen function in a general setting. Then, choose your picture.
    • The last step is to turn on your RT3S to enjoy your power-on screen.

Is it easy to operate? Go ahead and action! Customize your own screen.

If you are successful, please leave a message in the comment area. If you are unsuccessful, please also seek help in the comment area. If you have other questions or problems with your RT3S, you can also leave your comment here, and we will reply to you once we see it.

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  1. No matter wht I do, I cannot get an image to load. I create the right dimensions but it always gives me an error when loading the bmp into the download software: “Please open the BMP File that is is 128*160 or 64*128,8bit,256color!”

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