Programming Functions

A Guide of Programming Software Functions

Many customers are more likely to buy multi-functional digital or analog radios, but it is not easy to maximize the operation of walkie-talkies. However, the most important thing is to clearly understand the usage of each function, especially the use of programming software. This is a guide to walkie-talkie programming functions and helps users maximize the use of your walkie-talkie.

Part 1: Basic functions

programming function description
Programming Function Guide (HD1)

Part 2: Channel Information and Zone Information

You can import the channel information when you have had the channel list, if not, you can edit the RX frequency, TX frequency, channel type, and other data when you open more. Based on your needs, you can also configure your zone and selected channels from your channel information.

Part 3: Radio

If you like FM radio, you can add the frequency you like and decide whether to activate the function to receive calls.

Part 4: Contact lists

You can edit your prioritized contact lists, address book, and RX group lists. These functions focus on group work like the working group, a group of friends, a family group, and others. They can make group communication simpler and faster.

Part 5: Encryption

As we know, the analog radio connection should keep the same frequency and CTCSS/CDCSS. But the digital radio should keep the same frequency, shot time, and color code. This means that if you configure encryption, no one else can decode your messages unless they know your key value.

Part 6: GPS

Perhaps you have found a portion of our digital radio with GPS and Beidou. If you want to use it, ensure that your position can be searched by GPS or Beidou. The ideal place is a shelter-free open space.

Furthermore, you can look up more programming information from our previous blogs, which will help you a lot.

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Where to download the software: Retevis website page, find your walkie-talkie page and click support, you will find it.

I hope this blog can help you, I also wish you a perfect user experience, and we also welcome your feedback on our products.

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