The RT97 upgraded version-lightweight DMR portable repeater RT97P

lightweight DMR portable repeater RT97P is the RT97 upgraded version, Most of the customers are looking forward to getting one DMR repeater like RT97, Now it will be released soon

1.The comparison between RT97 and RT97P repeater

A. First see from the body, Both are small and lightweight repeater

It’s easy to carry and install to use outdoor, In the forest, fixed the repeater on the tree for temporary communication is a great option

The solar panel and car, both can provide power, RT97P has a car charger available for outdoor application

lightweight DMR portable repeater RT97P

B. Two charging option: the charging base and car charger

RT97P also two charging options. as the same as the RT97 repeater, when you need a long-distance communication for team

The car provides power by the car charger to set up the repeater system to expand the handheld radio range

C. UHF, VHF, and the customized version available

Both have three versions available, UHF and VHF, which are the stock version

If you need a customized version, you can choose a frequency band to customize in 136-174mhz and 400-470mhz

2. Why RT97P is RT97 the upgraded version?

A. RT97P supports the analog and digital model, it’s a DMR repeater

If you have a DMR portable radio it’s also no problem to connect RT97P repeater

B. Solid metal housing, the case more optimizing based on the house of RT97, so It has some degree of resistance

RT97P DMR repeater

C.If you learn about DMR repeater, RT97 is absolutely economic DMR repeater, which can help you save money with good performance

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