Ailunce HD1 Common Problems and Solutions

HD1  Problems and Solutions :Ailunce HD1 is a walkie-talkie for ham people, but for many novice operators, it may not be as easy to set up as a regular walkie-talkie.


we talkie about  HD1 Common Problems and Solutions .

 most common questions and solutions for Ailunce HD1

  1. How to restore the factory settings?

A: Press the “Menu” and “Exit” buttons to open HD1 at the same time. Select “All” on the display and confirm. Wait a while until the radio automatically restarts.


  1. Is HD1 encryption compatible with other walkie-talkies?

A: As we know,Ailunce HD1 uses special encryption. It is not compatible with RT3, RT8, RT82 and other radios.

HD1  Problems and Solutions

  1. My computer does not recognize HD1 and cannot be programmed. what should I do?

a.Make sure to use the correct programming cable and download the right software and drivers
The latest software is the 2.08,you can download from Ailunce website or Retevis website.Here is the links:

http://www.ailunce.com/Support/HD1/UserManual(Ailunce website)

https://www.retevis.com/resources-center (Retevis website)

b.Uninstall the HD1 USB driver from your computer.

c.Download or let Windows search for the Prolific driver and install it.

d.Check the communication port from the device manager.

HD1 dmr radio
Private/Group call match(Mash up) make you call freely without the group restrictions;
  1. How to upgrade HD1 firmware?   Download HD1 firmware       Install firmware exe         Connect the HD1 with a computer.    Enter DFU mode

e.Upgrade the wireless firmware. Select Communication Port>>Connection>>Get Version>>>

Here is a video of how to upgrades the Ailunce HD1 firmware correctly .


  1. Where can I download the HD1 contact database?

A: You can download the HD1 contact database from this website.


  1. When I open the HD1 software, all the words are “?”, what should I do?

A: When you open the software, the default language is English. This will not happen with this problem. But when it happens, please change the language to “English” and that will be fine.


  1. What does the HD1 CPS tone mean?

A: This is a timely voice switch. When it is selected, there will be a sound when you press the radio button. This is the same as the beep on the walkie-talkie menu.

HD1 basic function introduction
Supports to save 32 radio IDs and edit radio ID via keypad.
Almost all the operation can be done via keypad even if color code and edit contacts;
  1. How to add the first receiving group list on HD1 CPS?

A: When you open CPS for the first time, click the right mouse button to add the first RX group list.

  1. How to set up HD1 GPS?

A: The HD1 GPS function needs to be opened by software, and it can be checked in the software channel information.

Of course, we will encounter many problems during using HD1, with the latest updates and problems, we will update the information for the first time.we have been working hard to be more perfect!!


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20 thoughts on “Ailunce HD1 Common Problems and Solutions”

  1. gareth jukes

    Hi i purchased the Ailunce HD1 some months ago updated the firmware etc all was working fine now all of a suden it locks up after the radio has been on for a short time it even stays on once the off switch is turned off ? to get it to go off i have to remove the battery and replace it again any ideas why this is happening ???

  2. Octavio Vieira

    I tried to do a firm upgrade on my hd1, but the display went dark and all i get is the red transmit light on the top. I love the radio but now it’s unusable. i have also tried a factory reset but nothing happens.

    1. Hi, dear, very sorry for the delay!
      I will send you a codeplug for Hd1, Please have a try and have a nice day!

    2. I upgraded my firmware. from 2.2.8 to 2.2.9 , the latest firmware GPS. In hopes of correcting scanning issues. And now it will not turn on as if it has a dead battery. Although the batteries are both are fully charged. And I’m not getting very far with support. And it has warranty on it any information would be helpful

  3. William Johnston

    The first problem that I had was that it wouldn’t turn on. So I turn it off and on several times and then it will eventually turn on. Now it won’t transmit or receive and says “No Code” when you try to transmit. Please advise how to fix this, I’ve done a Factory Reset several times with no change.


    when I did the firmware update and it lost sensitivity and I really like this radio, I can do something else,

    1. Hi, may I know your problem? You said about the sensitivity, may I know which part sensitivity?


    The input impedance of the HD1 device is not adequate. Strong mismatch causes low sensitivity (less than similar radio equipment) when connecting the radio to most antennas, both portable radio antennas and fixed antennas, and increased errors in DMR.
    Consequently this impacts both FM and DMR transmissions / receptions.
    Measurements carried out with the Vector Network Analyzer

  6. Ron Morrison

    when I try to transmit on fm I get a red error message “No Code”, how can I fix this?

    1. hi, when you press PTT to transmit on FM, the display will show the frequency and No code with a red undertone. It means you are transmitting. No code means you haven’t set the CTCSS/DCS codes.

  7. HD1 will not power up after firmware update, changed battery and still will not power up.

      1. I have problem… When I turn it on today, display is grainy with diferent colors.
        Any solution?

  8. I have an HD1 that has a password from the previous owner and can’t do anything with the radio i asked but they dont remember it how do i get around that so I can program it ?

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