Ailunce HD1 feature summary

HD1‘s feature Summary on this article. Ailunce HD1, the famous DMR amateur radio for radio amateurs.

With the high power 10W makes the communicate range more further. With the IP67, makes it can be used in outdoor with the wet environment.

Feature Summary


Almost all the functions can be operated by its keyboard, we called front panel programmable. When your radio is in VFO mode, you setted the frequencies, color code( if digital mode) and other, you can save them as one channel. All the operates can be done by its keyboard.

That will be very convenient if you are outdoor and no computer to use.


Cross band TX and RX

You can TX on VHF and RX on UHF. For example

TX: 145.32500

RX: 435.32500

They can talk with each other.

FM radio

You can receive the signal from 76-107.95MHz. Click Menu-FM radio to turn on/off your FM radio of HD1.

32 Radio IDs

More choices for HD1


Straight double time slot: Under the Direct Mode Operation, That can talk at a frequency of two groups, improved the frequency utilization, and also can avoid some signal interference

Display mode

It has 3 kinds of display modes. CH-mode with the name and frequency displays.VFO with the frequency mode.

Scan mode

3 kinds scan mode: TO, CO, SE.

Detailed caller’s information

When you RX the signal, you will see the detailed information about caller.


Promiscuous Mode

No matter contact or group list same or not for two radios, they can talk with each other! ( precondition: frequency same, color code same, time slot same).

Above are the feature summary for HD1, if you find more, please leave a message here!

Wanna to know how to operate them on radio, please click the video to know: 





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