HD1 how to Connect the FM repeater manually?

HD1 is the amateur radio, with the FPP (front panel programmable) function, means you can program your radio by its keyboard.

But how to connect the FM repeater by its keyboard? Here I will tell you how to do:


You need to you the information of the FM repeater you need to connect. For example:

TX Frequency:433.4000

RX Frequency:439.4000

CTCSS: 118.8


Set your radio with the VFO mode. Like this picture:

VFO mode: short press # to switch the mode between Channel and VFO.

The screen shows the Frequency is the radio’s RX (Receiving frequency). So this RX frequency is the Repeater’s TX frequency. We edit the 433.4000 into the radio by its keyboard.

Set the Menu:

1, W/N: make sure the Wide band/Narrow band is the same with the repeater.

2, T-CDC: set it the same with the FM repeater.

3, Shift up: our repeater’s information TX minus RX equal to negative value. The radio need to choose Plus. So we choose Plus.

4, Shift Freq: TX minus RX equal to minus 6 (repeater’s informtion). So we set 06.00000

Now let’s press the PTT to connect with the repeater:

Here is a video more details about how to connect with the FM repeater for HD1:


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