Ailunce HD1 field Review

Ailunce HD1 field Review by Rowen Warren, he is a licensed amateur radio operator (general class) recently, and he is just 14 years old.

In these few months of having my HD1, I have been able to use it in many situations.

Road Trip

Recently I made a road trip and took the HD1 with me. I was very pleased with how it performed. Now before I start, I should admit something. I make two mistakes – I left the computer programing cable at home and I left my charger at home (however I had two batteries). Neither of these issues ended up mattering in the end.



As I traveled around the states, not having pre-programed the radio for the trip, I used the Repeater Book app and the keypad of the radio and throughout the trip, was always in touch with at least one repeater. I would enter all details into the VFO and then save it as a channel. One nice thing on the HD1 that you can’t do with many other radios is program in a name directly from the keypad.




When connected to the correct repeaters – I always received good reports of audio, in analog or DMR. When receiving, I heard clean audio coming out of the speaker. Overall when taking on trips, this was a very dependable radio.


Search and Rescue Mission

The other situation I was able to use it in was a Search and Rescue Mission. I won’t go into details but the mission I was able to test out the HD1 in this scenario involved a 2 week long search of a missing hiker. Instead of using the issued vhf radio, I was able to program in all the frequencies and use my HD1 with no issue. In some cases, weather it was because of the upgradable antenna, or extra kick of power, it would work even better than some of the standard vhf radios.


If this goes to show, I am one who would not use it just for hotspots. I take my radios out and about. The Ailunce HD1 has certainly held up to the conditions.

As it sits here on my desk I reach over to pick it up and hold it for a second. I would almost describe it as a satisfying radio. This handheld ham radio is not small and dainty like many others. If you are thinking about taking any radio into the field, this one is the most qualified.


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