Product brief for Retevis RT21 Walkie Talkie

About what you most care for RT21 walkie talkie.

For those who use walkie-talkies, range is their biggest concern.The RT21 is 2.5 w.Its general range is 0.5-3miles.

However it also depends on the environment and terrain.It usually can reach longer distances in open area than in mountains or cities.

RT21 is also a license-free walkie-talkie with 16 FRS channels, so that your communication is free from interference.



RT21 main points and features summary

RT21 is more durable and easy to carry. It also has been programmed to the same frequency, so they can directly conversation under the same channel,especially very simple and convenient for novice operators.

RT21  comes with a high gain antenna ,will not be lost or fall apart.

Long-distance transmission can be clearly heard in noisy environments.


With the VOX function, you can work without pressing the PTT button,Belt clip and VOX function ,

will provide true hands-free and improve work efficiency.


Built-in Scramble provides enhanced security for your important public safety ,private secure communications. FRS frequency and CTCSS will help your team ,


build a smooth and private communication system for business communication. CTCSS / DCS function adds a layer of security system to our calls,

it is greatly reducing interference information from other users on the same channel.


The scanning function allows you to scan any channel ,privacy code in the channel, in order to find ongoing conversations and avoid the channel you are using to select your channel.

Strong radio body allow RT21 work well in various environment, 1100mAh battery and stubborn belt clips make it last long time to use.


The RT21  are suitable for home and group is also popular in hotels, churches, restaurants, schools, construction sites and other industries.

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