HD1 operation

Ailunce HD1 Function and Operation,How to program?

Ailunce HD1 Function For  ham enthusiasts, choosing a favorite ham radio is their fun.They like to study its various functions, like Ailunce HD1, which is gradually known by the majority of ham lovers and is popular among ham people.Not only in appearance, but also in a stylish and beautiful design.

Function and Use operation of Ailunce HD1

Dual band digital ham radio with 3000 Channels and100000 Contacts,1000 Priority Contacts help you mange contacts more effective.Speaking of theHD1function,it contains almost all the basic functions of the other walkie-talkies.but it also has other specific features what are not available on other walkie-talkies.Let’s take a look at some of the most important features of HD1.

Ailunce HD1 Function  GPS Function

GPS Function gives you last long, altitude, bearing and speed.it support to text the information to another Radio with the same DNA protocol.

Ailunce HD1 Function  FM and DW Fucntion

When a call comes, radio can automatically get the signal and stop the FM radio.Once the call was finished, it will switch to FM mode, so that  there is no call will be missed.

6 grades dust proof means it will completely prevent dust invasion.

7 grades waterproof mean it can still work after you put it in the water for 30 minutes.

HD1 function
Supports Dual time slot for repeater and point to point; Giving you chance to experience two group calls in one channel under direct model

Ailunce HD1 Function  Promiscuous function

Ailunce HD1 has the promiscuous function when you choose ‘ON’, It will make you listen all the signal, even if you are not in the same group.

Ailunce HD1 also has many functions such as scan,encryption function,single/group/all call,analog monitor and so on,If you are a ham enthusiast, you will definitely be crazy about Ailunce HD1 .

How to program the Ailunce HD1?

Ailunce HD1 is very easy to program,you can program HD1 with PC and software upgrading which is for new functions life-time-free to you.HD1 make you operate almost all the settings via keypad. It can directly enter frequency, color code and other settings via keypad

How to program HD1
Almost all the operation can be done via keypad even if color code and edit contacts; Software upgrading for new functions life-time-free;

Ailunce HD1 has been the hottest dual band DMR radio in the market.If you have owned one, I believe it will bring you more and more interesting life.


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