Ailunce HD1 GPS Feature

HD1 GPS radio uses satellites to pinpoint locations.

Since Ailunce HD1 GPS radio was released officially from Jan,2018, it gained a passionate following over the past year.  Our friend Tracy, VE3TWM who took a video which focus in the GPS feature, he showed us how HD1 GPS might be use in the wilderness, and he recreated a situation where somebody gets separated from the camp and cant find their way back out.  Let see how his friend use GPS feature to find me.

There have 2 methods to set HD1 GPS feature.

  1. Set GPS in the software.

GPS setting is in the channel information. Tick” GPS”, “Rx GPS Info”, and “Tx GPS Info”.  GPS timing report(s) means intervals send GPS information automaticly, the very important step you need to set a GPS contact which receive your GPS information. 

2. Set GPS on the radio manually

HD1 is a field programming radio, you can set its GPS function on the radio manually. Go to menu–Band A Set, turn on “GPS”,”Rx GPS Info”, and “Tx GPS Info”. but no intervals setting. 









How will GPS display on the radio.

For get GPS information, you need to go outside until the GPS icon is activated. To know your own coordinate, check local GPS, it will display your own GPS information as below:Once you loose PTT end one transmission. The GPS information will send to the contact which you set. In above video,Tracy’s friend use a Retevis RT3S, the GPS information will disply on RT3S like below picture show. Do not need to tell him your coordinate. With this coordinate, his friend finally find him.  

When go backcountry camping, it is very convenient to take a GPS walkie talkie like Ailunce HD1 GPS radio. It is very useful when you cant find your way back, ask for someone hlep.  For any question, you can contacts us on Ailunce Facebook Page.


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