Retevis RT5 :How to set Marine frequency?

What is Marine frequency?

Marine frequency is VHF, it refers to the frequency range between 156 and 174 MHz, inclusive. The “VHF” signifies the very high frequency of the range. In the official language of the International Telecommunication Union the band is called the VHF maritime mobile band.


Marine VHF radio equipment is installed on all large ships and most seagoing small craft. It is also used with slightly different regulation, on rivers and lakes. It is used for a wide variety of purposes, including summoning rescue services and communicating with harbour, locks, bridges and marinas. So, can Retevis RT5 be available as a Marine VHF radio?

Let me kindly to tell you that the easiest way is to adjust the frequency through the screen. You can program the radio to the Marine frequency. Then the radio will work. This instruction is just about how to program this radio. Just make a reference


RT5 Marine frequency
Retevis RT5 walkie talkie
7W long range


How to set the radio to the Marine frequency?

First, you press “VFO/MR” to switch channel mode and frequency mode. The radio just can be programmed in frequency mode, switch to frequency mode, then you can set VHF frequency to 156.000MHz, then Press the A/B button to switch to the center frequency 143.000MHz setting below. At last, press the “menu” button to confirm.

You can also program to the frequency on chirp and PC. Retevis RT5 is very easy to program.

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