Ailunce HM1

Ailunce HM1 Hams Mobile Radio

In the coming 2018, we will design a new digital mobile radio on the basic of HD1, We named its model HM1, which means Hams Mobile Radio.

About Ailunce HM1

Ailunce HM1 will takes the advantage of what HD1 has, and improve more features for amateurs to make HM1 mobile radio more friendly.

Ailunce HM1

Ailunce HM1 Collect Suggestions

Do you have some ideas about one ideal mobile radio?

What specical functions do you want for one mobile radio?

Do you want to use a mobile radio with customer design?

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Tell us your suggestions or ideas on Ailunce HM1. Let’s design a real Amateur Mobile Radio!

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15 thoughts on “Ailunce HM1 Hams Mobile Radio”

  1. I spoke with a lot of ham operator about this new HM1, and one of the big things is transmit and receive needs to be wider sounding. i think that will me a nice addition to the new HM1

  2. The same functionality as HD1 but 30-50w output, and most important the frontpanel must be possible to separate from the radio body. It is impossible to find a space for a radio like the Rt-90 in a modern car.

  3. I would love to see a single frequency two time slot repeater mode (like the Hytera PD982) on the HM1 (in fact I would love to see that feature appear as a firmware update on the HD1 as well).

  4. I wuold like if HM1 will be a real dual band radio (not a duoband radio) so it will be possible to listen in the same time two different channel.
    If it’s possible to add the selective calls 2 and 5 tones (it would be grate also in the HD1).

    1. Yes, HM1 will have 2 and tones. and it is a dual band radio, but maybe dual receive. Thanks.

  5. I have the Ailunce HD1 and it is a really good radio, I would love to see a nice 50 watt mobile but as was mentioned before with a removable control head. I have limited room on the dash, and not enough for a full size mobile radio.
    Also, please include a decent coiled cord for the mic., Many of the cords are too stiff in the cold weather and also too short, which puts strain on the connector. The Mic connector needs to be a good quality connector like an RJ45 and the coiled cord could be about 8 to 12 inches longer.
    Phil D.

  6. ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE REMOVABLE CONTROL HEAD!!!! Modern cars and even modern trucks have no decent place for a radio without a remote control head.

  7. Hello, I would like to know when the HM1 will be available and on sale
    thank you for your reply

  8. Right now the only DMR radio that I can find with a removable control head is the Connect Systems CS800(D). If the HM1 is going to be a competitor, it needs a removable head. The new Anytone mobile is a beautiful radio, but without the removable head, it’s useless to me and many other Hams.

  9. how about a volume squelch and channel knob on the front as well as the usual buttons. so much easier for mobile operation. plus 50 watt output.

  10. Some Ham radios leave out MDC, 2tone, and 5 tone. All these mode have been used regularly in our local ARES emergency group. It is not encrypted and perfectly legal.

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