How to set RT5 dual standby?

How to set RT5 dual standby?

Most cellphone have two sim cards, two phone numbers waiting for calls. Walkie talkie has a function called dual standby, two channels waiting for receiving signals at the same time. Similar like cellphone has two cards.

Dual standby function is very useful. Such as you belong to security team, at the same time you belong to managerment team which has different memebers and different topic, then you can have security team and management team two channels standby at the same time. No mattery which channel has somebody talk, you will received. This way, it avoid missing some important informations.

Many Retevis walkie talkie has dual standby function, Like RT5, RT6, RT23, RT82, HD1, etc. Today, lets’s take how to set RT5 dual standby as an example, to explain how to set.

RT5Step 1: programme the frequency in RT5 software. Ref blog:

Step 2: turn on the radio

Step 3: press VFO/MR key, switch to channel mode

Step 4: Press A/b key, up/down key to choose the channel on band A and band B, such as band A channel 1, band B channel 127, which you want to standby in these two channels.

Step 5: Menu–>7 TDR–>On–> Menu to confirm

Done! After dual standby setting, you will see a S on the keyboard. This means dual standby in activated.


Now you can wait signal from channel 1 and channel 127 at the same time.

Anything els you are not clear about dual standby, please feel free to discuss, we are always here.

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