HD1 DW function introduction

HD1 DW function introduction

Many Walkie talkie has FM radio function, which is good for rest and entertainment. When you are free time, you can listen to FM to relax. But you also worried when listen FM, how to do if missing an important communication?

No worries, DW function helps here. HD1 is the most hot model currently, do you know what’s HD1 DW function?

What’s the HD1 DW function?

DW mean dual wait, when you listening to FM radio, when there’s a call comes, radio can automatically receive the signal and stop the FM radio. Once the communication signal finished, the radio will automatically switch to FM mode. This way, all calls will not be missed.

How to open DW function?

Method 1:

You can open in HD1 software as below: Choose RADIO DW: ON

HD1 DWMethod 2: Short press Lock to open DW function

HD1 DW functionOk, lets do a test.

First we set Radio A(one HD1) to talk with Radio B( another HD1) radio.
1.With DW set OFF: when radio A is listening to FM radio, radio B call, A is no receiving signal
2.With DW set ON in software, or short press #LOCK, to open DW function

3.Now when radio A is listening to FM radio, radio B calling, A has got receiving signal.

Done, any questions for DW function, please feel free to discuss, we are always here!


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