Amateur radio Retevis RT3s vs RT3

A new model Amateur Radio Retevis RT3S will be released soon. It has a little similar with the Model RT3, so here I will compare two models.

 Retevis RT3S VS RT3


retevis rt3

 Frenquency RangeSingle Band UHF400-480MHzDual Band VHF136-174MHz UHF400-480MHz
Memory Channel1000 Channels3000 Channels
powerHigh≤5W Low≤1WHigh≤5W Low≤1W
Battery Capacity Li-ion 7.4V/2000mAh Li-ion 7.4V/2000mAh
GPS OptionalOptional
 Record Function No8hours of recording


From above, we know the Retevis RT3S is a dual band,Up to 3000 channels DMR Amateur Radio. Also it can be used for dual wait, dual stand-by.

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1 thought on “Amateur radio Retevis RT3s vs RT3”

  1. Mikael Nilsson

    whene i uppdate on rt3s the firmware so the radio want password
    is nott on is still want password so i need help watt i do

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