Retevis will be in the UK Radio rally

Retevis will wait for you in the UK Radio Rally.

The 56th Norbreck Amateur Radio, Electronics and Computing Exhibition will be held at North Shore on Sunday, 29th April 2018. Doors will open at 10.30 and 10:15 for those with disabilities.

About this Radio Rally

This is the LARGEST single day show in the U.K. It is the Radio, Electronics and Computing Exhibition, and this rally is organised by
NARSA, an association of over 40 clubs from the North West.

The detail address: the Norbreck Castle Hotel Exhibition Centre on Queens Promenade, North Shore, Blackpool, FY2 9AA,UK

Retevis With this Radio Rally

Thanks to Peter Martin, a friend from UK club( East Lancs Radio Club), he is the secretary for this club. He told us more about this Rally, and want to help us to take part in this Rally!

In this Radio Rally, you will find the Retevis Flag, Retevis Prize, Retevis Radio and some Souvenir Edition from Retevis.

Retevis Prizes in this Radio Rally

Retevis will offer many prizes in this radio rally. From the first prize to third prize, you will find the HD1, the Retevis Hat, the Retevis U-disk there!

Also you will have chance to win them. The biggest prize is a Dual Band DMR amateur Digital Radio Ailunce HD1

It is based on the ideas and needs of hams.

The features:


1. DMR Dual Band Dual Mode Radio
2. Field Programming: Almost all the operations can be done via keypad
3. Operate Menu while receiving signals
4. Quick switch between digital/analog mode, channel/frequency mode.
5. Cross-band receiving and transmitting.
6. More options with 32 Radio IDs selectable.
7. IP67: water-dust proof, no fear of raining or even falling into the water.
8. FM broadcast.
9. Life-time Continuous Firmware Upgrade for free.


Want to know more about this first prize? Click here:

If any question, please feel free to leave a message here or contact us on facebook:









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