How to use J6578A Walkie talkie Two-way Repeater Box?

What’s J6578A repeater box

It’s used for digital and analog two way radio, expand the communication range which decided by environment


How to use J6578A repeater box

Some customers always don’t know how use J6578A Walkie talkie Two-way Repeater Box,simply introduce below

1.As this device is keenwood 2pin plug, you need plug in each side 1 radio with keenwood connector,This way, we formed a small repeater system.

2.If there are two RT21 radio, we call A and B

Set A radio: RX freq.=TX freq. = 462.2300( for example)
Set B radio:: RX freq.=TX freq. = 465.2300( for example)

A frequency and B frequency must be different.(The fre difference demanded)

3.For two groups who wanna use this small repeater system to extend some communication range, we call group C and group D.

C group radios: set RX freq.=TX freq. = 462.2300
D group radios: set RX freq.=TX freq. =465.2300

This way: C transmit at 462.2300 —> A receive 462.2300—> B transmit 465.2300—>D receive at 465.2300.

So with this small repeater system, C and D can communicate.

Retevis repeater box

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