How to Use Receive Group List

There are many customers always confused by the concept of receive group list and how to use it. What is the Receive Group list? How does it work? Let’s discuss it together.

The receive group list is a list of group call contacts

We know that when we use the DMR channels, we need to set a contact first. If we don’t set any receive group list, the channel only can receive signals from the other radio channels with the same contact.

Such as We have one radio A, we set channel 1 with TG235(United Kingdom) group call contact. there are two other radios B and C, B set channel 1 with TG235(United Kingdom) group call contact. C set channel 1 with TG214(Spain)group call contact. Radio A can communicate with Radio B, but can’t communicate with Radio C. How to make Radio A communicate with Radio C?

Some people may say change the radio A contact to TG214. Yes, you can, But there is another better way. Receive group list can make it more convenient. The only thing we can do is put the TG235 and TG214 in one receive group list. Then in channel setting, we can select this receive group list.

Where does receive group lists be widely used?

This feature can be widely used such as team activities, Outing adventures, schools, shopping malls, restaurants and so on.

Keep in mind, when more TG send signals, the server will stream only one TG at a time. It means you can only receive one of them at the same time.

We can take an outdoor game as an example to see how the receive group lists works.

There are 1 master-control room and 2 teams with 3 radios(such as Ailunce HD1). We want to make the two teams can communicate with the master-control room, but two teams can’t communicate with each other. How to set their radios?


To Make Sure A or B Connect with C

To make sure A or B can connect with C, we need to set the same frequency and Color Code first. About the time slot, when we select the simplex mode, the time slot is not workable, anyone is ok. If we select the double slot, we need to set the same timeslot. To make sure, all the setting is no problem here we set same time slot, TS1.

Radio A: frequency:415.35000, Color Code:1, TS:1, Contacts:Group G-1, 54321.

Radio B: frequency:415.35000, Color Code:1, TS:1, Contacts:Group G-2, 3456.

How to Set C To Receive signals from A and B on One Channel

How to set C to ensure that it can receive calls from two or more radios?

At this time, you can add the Rx list, add contacts G-1:54321, G-2:3456, add two contacts to the group list, C can receive the signals of A and B.

Let C can call A or B alone, A and B cannot communicate with each other.

Therefore, We use Channel mode to set C can easily switch contacts.

Set channel 1-G1, channel 2-G2, frequency:415.35000, Color Code:1, Contacts :G-1 or G-2.

How to set C Can Make an All Call to A and B

The HD1 can standby at dual band, Band A is set to A to C, B to C, C to B, C to A, Band B is set to another group of contacts: G-3: 321, can make an All Call to A and B. At this point, need to set a receive group list for A and B, respectively add G3:321. Make sure that C can call A and Group B at the same time.

The setting of three radios is as shown below.


The Receive Group list is a list of talk groups, you can listen to several talk groups on one channel when you add a receive group list.

But you only can listen to one TG when more TG in your receive group list send signals at the same time.

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