Rt29 two way radio-retevis

Retevis RT29 Two Way Radio Various Functions

If we want to know more clearly for the Retevis RT29 two way radio, we should understand its various functions. RT29 two way radio has many functions which allows to work normally under extreme environmental conditions

Retevis RT29 Two Way Radio Various Functions:

Scrambler function and CTCSS/DCS

Each channel has its own private codes and scrambler codes. Double encryption prevents irrelevant signals from getting into your team’s talk channel,no one will get in your conversation and hear what you are talking about except you want.

VOX function

VOX function allows you to use the radio for hands-free. The radio will automatically begin transmitting when you speak.

Squelch and private codes blocking background noise and other conversations enable you have crystal clear sound transmission without static and distortion under its range

Emergency alert feature

Emergency alarms provide you with another layer of protection when you are in danger.Radios will send out a distress call when pressed. Other radios within range will respond.

Side key customization

You can program the function as you like to the side key and make it to be a shortcut keys

SCAN Function

Use the scanning feature detect the channel where your partner is located and quickly join

 IP67 Waterproof

RT29 is waterproof,which can be suitable for outdoor environment.

Rt29 two way radio- retevis
IP67 waterproof function which means it still work well even if you drop them in the deep water

Of course,Retevis RT29 also has squelch level,Monitor and so on.it is a best choice for your outdoor and indoor activities.


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  1. Need help! I loaded the RT29 programming software and it opens fine. I also use the HD1 on the computer so I did not load a driver. The Com4 port listing in the computer looks fine. The program does not find the radio when connected?

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