economical analog repeater

Best economical repeater RT97

Best economical analog repeater RT97

As communication range extend wireless communication solution, repeater is always a good choice. But because of normally high cost of repeater, many users have to give up. Retevis developed an economical analog repeater RT97. Which only cost $399, that is affordable for most users.

What scenarios can economical anglog repeater RT97 use in?

For daily use, Such as in a farm, warehouse, hotel, campus, etc..normally a economical repeater RT97 is enough.

What factors effect economical analog repeater communication?

1.The position that the repeater antenna is erected:Please set the antenna to the highest point that you can find. The higher the antenna is erected, the better the extend cover range will be.
2.The longer and better quality the antenna, the better the communication range will be.
3.The walkie talkie power also effects. The bigger the radio power, the longer the range will be.
4.Coaxial Extend Cable: thicker and better coxial cable quality, longer communication range.

Besides very economical cost, what other advantages RT97 have?

1.Small size, thin weight: portable, easy to carry outdoor. With the package size: 310×283×170mm. Very small and easy to carry,
2.Strong ability to extend the range: after testing,  with RT97 repeater, 2W radio can catch around 10km in the city, 10W radio can catch around 16km in the city. (range based on communication surroudings)
3.Car charger and DC charger available
4.You can choose available stock frequency:
UHF-10mHz-Stock: Offset 10mhz, Tx:463.3125mhz and RX:453.3125MHZ
VHF-10mHz-Stock: Offset 10mhz, Tx:162.6125mhz and RX:152.6125MHZ

Or customize the frequency you required.

For RT97 repeater, you can also choose some optional accessories for easy using. Such as FRP fiber glass antenna, and Pure Cupper Low Loss Coaxial Extend Cable.

RT97 offered a perfect small range extention solution for many customers. If you are interested in, please feel free to email to for inquiry.

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