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How to judge if radios are compatible?

Not a few customers want to try Retevis radios, but he can not make sure, if his current radio is compatible with Retevis radios. Today, we will introduce how to judge if  radios are compatible?

Below let’s check a new customer’s inquiry first:

I have 9 Kenwood TK-3402 5 watts with 3 channels

frequency 464.05

1 Tone D131N
2 TONE D152N
3 TONE D155N

I would like to know if your RT87 Water&dustproof radio is compatible with mine?

With this inquiry, our train of think is as below:
1.After google, we know Kenwood TK-3402 is analog radio
2.For analog radio communication, we need set communication channels with same frequency and CTCSS/DCS. Normally they can communicate.


keenwood radio use is 464.05.
RT87 frequency range: 136-174Mhz+400-480Mhz

464.05 is within RT87 UHF frequency range.
B. DCS checking

1. Download RT87 software from Retevis official website freely:

2 .We can see RT87 QT/DQT( CTCSS/DCS) includes Kenwood TK-3402 3 tones.


This way, we can make sure Kenwood TK-3402 is compatible with Retevis RT87.

Conclusion: How to know if different analog radios are compatible?

We make sure they can programme to have same frequency and CTCSS/DCS on communicate channel is ok. No matter they are different or same brand, same method. But if you need use scramble/encryption function of analog radio, we suggest you choose same brand same model radio, because this way, it can guarantee their internal encryption solution is same.

How to judge if different digital radio are compatible?

1.Still we need know if their frequency band is compatible.
2.Digital radio must be in same digital system, such as DMR system can only be compatible with DMR system radio, can not be compatible with DPMR, OR P25 system radio. (Even if their frequency can set to be same)
3.For some digital radio brand, such as Moto, it may has its own internal communication protection system, even if frequency compatible, digital system same, still can not communicate.

Above is a basic judge for if radios are compatible. Any other questions, please feel free to leave message here, thanks.

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