Best Ham Radio for Airport Use Retevis RA79

Retevis’s first aviation-band Ham radio RA79 has just been launched. The Retevis RA79 Ham radio supports multi-band reception. It is a 5W handheld transceiver with 2m and 70cm frequency bands. It has a wide receiving range of 50-600MHz. Not only that, but it can also receive AM, such as aviation bands. The band is the portion of the radio spectrum between 118 and 137 megahertz used exclusively for communications between aircraft and air traffic control centers. Let me introduce his function to you in detail.

Receive Frequency Band

RA79 can work on dual band VHF/UHF (US Version: 144-148 MHz & 420-450 MHz) and (EU Version: 144-146Mhz & 430-440Mhz). If you like to listen to more than HAM frequencies only, then RA79 won’t disappoint you.  AM modulation enables you to easily receive air frequency band. It is convenient for activating all-band scan from range of 108-136MHz.

It supports multi-band receiving on the following frequency band:

F1 50-76Mhz

F2 108-135.9975 MHz

F3 136-173.9975 MHz

F4 174-349.9975 MHz

F5 350-399.9975 MHz

F6 400-469.9975 MHz

F7 470-599.9975 MHz

FM 76-108 MHz

LCD Screen

LCD Screen is convenient for learning about the current working status of walkie talkie anytime and anywhere. In addition RA79 has The ham radio is equipped with VFO function, allowing you to edit frequencies and CTCSS/DCS manually. Moreover, you can save the needed frequencies and CTCSS/DCS as regular channels. Pairing is even easier thanks to the LCD display, if the ham radio is receiving a signal, the frequency and CTCSS/DCS will be shown on the display. You can save them to a specific channel by pressing the menu key. Pair all channels function enables you to fast pair all channels of the same model walkie talkies, helping achieve fast communication between team members.

If you want to know more about RA79, please read:RETEVIS FIRST AIR BAND AMATEUR RADIO RA79


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