The Difference Between RT29 and RT29D

First of all, let me briefly introduce RT29D. It is a digital Radio with waterproof function. It has two versions, bluetooth version and non-bluetooth version. Its waterproof and rugged design makes it very suitable for security personnel, construction workers, outdoor hunting, and hiking Traveling, whether you are in a dense forest or a noisy construction site, RT29D can help you and your companions maintain close contact and convenient communication.

The difference between RT29D and RT29

RT29D is an upgraded version of RT29, so its appearance is similar to RT29D, but its function is more powerful. RT29D is a digital machine with both digital and analog modes, while RT29 is an analog machine with only analog mode. This is the biggest difference between them.

The number of channels is different, RT29D has 128 channels (8 zones/16 channels per zone), RT29 only has 16 channels.

Talk distance RT29D adopts digital mode, its coverage is wider, sound quality is clearer, more secure encryption: Encryption using encryption key is more secure than simple voice scrambling. Bluetooth function: In addition,

RT29D has two versions, one is bluetooth version and the other is non-bluetooth version, RT29 only has non-bluetooth version, RT29D has bluetooth version, which can be wirelessly connected to bluetooth headsets, making hands-free calls easier. This will provide great convenience for you to use the walkie-talkie to talk at work.

Similarities between RT29 and RT29D

First of all, RT29D and RT29 are very similar in appearance. Secondly, they both have waterproof function. Of course, RT29 also has a non-waterproof version. Its powerful waterproof function can help you achieve clear communication whether you are a water emergency rescue or a firefighter. Communication will not be affected by water ingress into the walkie-talkie. otherwise, in terms of materials, they all use the same material, which is very durable and equipped with a large 3200mah battery, so it supports a long battery life and can be used continuously for more than 14 hours. The standby time can reach 46 hours.

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