BEST license-free waterproof walkie talkie RT47 introduction

A durable walkie talkie helps lot for business use and outdoor use. If your radio have waterproof function, it’ll be better, you will be no scared of bad weather like raining, snowing. Retevis RT47 license-free waterproof walkie talkie is a good assistant for you.

RT47 license-free waterproof walkie talkie basic introductions:

RT47 introduction

  • The 2 way radio is featured with rich features of 16 channels; CTCSS DCS; scan; squelch;busy channel lock and etc; connect your workforce more efficiently and effectively
  • All walkie talkies can be used out of the box;the RT47 2 way radio needn’t purchase a license
  • Waterproof walkie talkies with standard IP67 ensure the walkie talkies works normally when immersed in water not exceeding 3.2ft deep
  • The Retevis two way radio meet the military standards for shock; rain;humidity; salt fog; vibration; sand; dust,and temperature; popular for fixed applications such as restaurants; retail stores; medical offices; manufacturing facilities; warehouses and many many more
  • The 16 channels come which allows you to minimize unwanted interference from others and reduce potential confusion

water proof walkie talkie RT47

What IP67 mean?

Especially it’s featured with IP67 waterproof, IP67 standard can ensure the walkie talkies works normally after immersed in no exceeding 3.2ft water deep with 30min. Making for protection from not only water,wet weather conditions be it snow or rain splashes. but also dust.

What scenarios are RT47 used for?

water proof walkie talkie using scenario

The Retevis RT47 two way radios are built with business needs in mind. RT47 is featured with rich business needs features and using needs, compact, powerful and durable; that is perfect for any use, including: restaurants, hotels, retail, schools, construction, warehouses, small businesses, doctor and dental offices, climbing, fishing, camping, hiking, skiing, etc.

A special function: Keyboard lock  RT47 can lock the channel you are using.  No need worry about accidentally pressing the wrong button in your pocket.

Any inquiry about RT47, please feel free to contact partner@retevis.com. Thanks!

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