Retevis RT47 two-way radio

RT47 will be the hero between heavy rain and flood

    2020 is a year with many disasters. The world epidemic has not been completely controlled. Heavy rains and floods have once again caused human injuries and economic losses in many parts of the world. For example, a landslide occurred in Nepal due to heavy rain, which caused hundreds of deaths and displacement of hundreds of people. The disasters in India, Bangladesh and China are also very serious.

   Heavy rains may cause power outages, traffic jams, etc., hindering the growth of crops. In particular, power outages are not only detrimental to daily life, but also result in the inability to receive weather forecast information in time and delay the time of estrangement. The world has long been a “global village”, which will affect the whole body.

    The disaster-hit countries are also actively taking rescue measures to reduce risks.As a super waterproof walkie-talkie, RT47 will play an important role in heavy rain.

 Hero walkie talkie
Hero walkie talkie

    In the event of a power outage, relevant departments can deliver information in time, to quickly evacuate residents and reduce casualties; or in the event of a loss of people, promptly send distress signals to seek help.

    Through the news, we can see that a lot of water has spread to the home, making travel very inconvenient. In this case, the family and neighbors can also use RT47 to communicate or conduct daily transactions. RT47 will be the hero between heavy rain and flood.

   The world’s disasters and epidemics affect you and my heart. I hope everyone can improve their ability to fight against disasters and epidemics. Before disasters arrive, prepare for relevant materials; when disasters arrive, learn to help themselves.

     Owning a super waterproof walkie-talkie means having more rescue opportunities and a sense of security.

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