Best outdoor kid’s walkie talkie with compass

Best outdoor kid’s walkie talkie with compass

Have you selected a toy for your kids for Halloween and Christmas Holiday?

We recommend you a very educational and funny toy walkie talkie, which is a wonderful gift, Retevis RT75.

What Retevis RT75 outdoor kid’s walkie talkie looks like?

It’s bright green color. Elegent and nice appearance. Compass on top of the radio. Lamp.

What’s the advantage of Retevis RT75 walkie talkie?

The biggest advantage for Retevis toy walkie talkie, compare with other toy walkie talkie products, is it’s using real good quality chip. This kids walkie talkie chip is same as a $200 adult digital radio chip. Amazing!

1.crystal tone, loud tone
2.Real function compass, convenient for your use outdoor

3.Strap for easy hanging on neck
4.Very bight color, you can find it easily

5.Light Lamp, even power off, still functional

6.Very good for family use

Why choose  walkie talkie as gift for kids?

1.Walkie talkie can increase the ability for kid’s communication, they will get much fun with talking with friends, and make cosplay, like police, or hide and seek.
2.Walkie talkie makes you keeping sharp eye on kid’s safety. You can talk with them when they are playing outside in the garden.
3.Walkie talkie let kids keep away from PC, cellphone, and games, they go outside for a healthy life.
4.Not a few functions can be set inside the radio, increasing the practise ability for your kids

Before Christmas, Retevis toy walkie talkie has promotion campaign, any inquiries, please feel free to email to We are always here to support.

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