How to programme RT54 DMR radio

How to programme RT54 DMR radio is topic we will introduce.RT54 is a UHF band (400-470mhz) DMR radio, the output power is 5w with high sound quality and the Detachable speaker which apply for kinds of business application, like factory, school, hotel and so on.

Step 1: please download and install USB driver and programming software for RT54 radio in Retevis official website by this link:

Step 2:You need a special programming cable for RT54

How to programme RT54 radio

Step 3:Connect your RT54 radio to PC with this cable and please keep radio opened

Step 4: Choose the correct communication port (check in computer-device manager)

Retevis RT54 programme


How to programme RT54 radio

Step5: Click’ read from radio’ 

How to programme RT54 radio

Step 6: Change the date you would like to write, for example in analog mode

RX frequency:413.23500
TX frequency: 413.23500

Retevis RT54 radio

Step 7: Click’ write to radio’, then all dates will be saved to the radio

 programme RT54 radio

Do you know how to programme RT54 DMR radio by steps above? If you have anything questions, please email to us,




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