Best Waterproof Walkie Talkie 2020 and How to choose

RETEVIS has produced fifteen types of waterproof walkie-talkies in recent years. Continuously update and keep improving in terms of performance. A small step in performance change, a big step in innovation.Today, I will introduce the best waterproof walkie talkie 2020 of RETEVIS.

There are waterproof walkie-talkies in RETEVIS walkie-talkies, such as: RT6, RT8, RA26, RT29, RT47, RT48, RT49P, RT50, RT55, RT56, RT78, RT81, RT82, RT83 and RT87 and various car radios. With so many different styles of waterproof walkie-talkies.

Best Waterproof Walkie Talkie RT49P


How should we choose?

  •  Application scenarios
    Many customers ask how to choose a waterproof walkie-talkie, application scenarios are a must. Such as business, outdoor adventure, survey, cycling, picnic, hunting, kayaking, skiing, sea fishing, etc. Different application scenarios have different performance requirements. Only by understanding the application scenario can we make the fastest choice.
  •  Power
    This is a more specific performance issue. If customers want to use them in agricultural production, farms, hunting, hotels, etc., they want to buy more powerful walkie-talkies. Such as 5W, 10W, or even 25W vehicle-mounted radios. The high-power walkie-talkie has a long communication distance and good communication quality. Very practical. Of course, the communication distance of a walkie-talkie with a power of about 2W generally meets customer needs. And it saves electricity.
  •  Distribution
    Many distributors come to inquire, and they must have stricter and comprehensive performance requirements. In addition to having common functions (Monitor, Scan, Scrambler, VOX, Alarm, Squelch level, Time-out Timer, CTCSS&DCS, Battery save Mode, Battery Voltage Prompt, Busy Channel Lockout, High/Middle/Low output Power), Upgrades and additional functions have additional requirements. For example, it floats and flickers in water, has higher waterproof protection, brighter colors, and cheaper prices. This is conducive to enhancing market competitiveness.

Moreover, the new RT49P perfectly meets all the above requirements. This is a walkie talkie specially designed for outdoor sports. The colors are bright and easy to identify. And the price is cheap, the same performance on the market.

For walkie-talkies, RetevisRT49P is at least $20 cheaper. With comprehensive functions and low price, it is very suitable for distribution. It deserves the title of “the Best Waterproof Walkie Talkie 2020”.

RT49P is expected to be available in the middle of this month. Welcome to inquire.

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