New Arrival——Retevis RB26 GMRS Radio

Retevis GMRS Radio RB26——You deserve it!!!

For GMRS radio Retevis RB26, it is a perfect tool for you to use in families and businesses, just get the GMRS license from FCC, you can own and operate the GMRS band radios.

Retevis RB26 is very suitable for family and business use. Except for the basic function like:


Alarm function

VOX/VOX delay function

Key locks



We advanced the RB26 with Wireless Copy Function. Even without the programming software, you can quickly change the settings of all your RB26 radios, this function will save a lot of time for you, so it is very convenient for business movements.

Also, we designed the Retevis RB26 a USB Type-C charger, you will never worry about the different chargers!

Retevis RB26 GMRS Radio
Retevis RB26 GMRS Radio

GMRS radio is designed for short-distance two-way communication. It requires a license in the United States, but some GMRS compatible equipment can be used license-free in Canada.

The US GMRS license is issued for a period of 10 years by the FCC. The United States permits use by adult individuals who possess a valid GMRS license, as well as their immediate family members. Immediate relatives of the GMRS system licensee are entitled to communicate among themselves for personal or business purposes, but employees of the licensee who are not family members are not covered by the license. Non-family members must be licensed separately.

GMRS licensees are allowed to establish repeaters to extend the range of their communication. GMRS repeaters are permitted to be linked with other GMRS repeaters but are not authorized to connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network.

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  1. Yes, you are right, if you want to own or operate the GMRS radio, you need to get the license from FCC, but not like the amateur radio licence. We have updated the blog, thanks very much.

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